Monday, 28 June 2010

World Cup Dream Over For England

It never really felt right, did it?

Finally, after yesterday's 4-1 drubbing by Germany, English fans must face the reality that our team just wasn't that good.

Sure we had stars, all of whom had a proven pedigree (though never on the game's most important stage).

But that's life ... and that's sport.

Now the biggest problem seems to be how to remove Fabio Capello from his contract without swallowing a multi-million pound pill.

Which shows only too well that when you want something too bad, things never work in your favor. Who in their right mind would negotiate a contract before a world cup ... and not take into account the eventuality of exactly what just happened?

Answer ... a nation whose desperation trumps all common sense.

Anyway, I'm sure we've got a host of talented youngsters coming through to fill the boots of senor Lampard, Gerard et al.

Haven't we?

Well ... er .... no.

While I'm on the subject of the world cup (and spelling it without capitals is deliberate here) ...

Why won't Fifa agree to use replays?

We saw how wrong that was when France cheated their way into the world cup after Henry's handball. Fortunately, karma had its way and the French went home hanging their heads just as sales of Guiness went through the roof.

Yesterday (and this is no excuse, just an observation) we saw an English goal disallowed because of human error). This was not even debateable. And yes, Mr Seth, it does take away from the beautiful game!

I'll also say this ... I liked Germany as a team up until the point their goalkeeper realised that he could pull the wool over the official's eye and pulled an "Henry".

Man, I am so sick of professional athletes cheating. What glory could there possibly be in an advantage gleaned from a technicality?

Come on. We are surely more sophisticated than that? Aren't we ...?

Maybe not.

And then there was Argentina's obvious offsides.

Again, they surely would have won regardless.

OK, so Brazil and Spain are still in ... and I can't be mad at Argentina because offsides is not as blatantly intentional as pretending that a ball has not crossed a line when it has. See ... even my morality is getting screwed up here now!

Why can't we just have replays. It works for rugby. How 'bout it Sir?

Go Messi. Go Villa. Go Kaka!

And sorry England ... but you'll just have to look in the mirror on this one.


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Don said...

Thank you wheelchairs ... stay tuned because I am coming back out of retirement and will shortly be launching a new blog. I may still also rejuvenate this one because I have always had a soft spot for it! Thanks for your kind comment.