Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Launching my new website soon!


It's been ages since I last updated this blog.

It's not that I lost interest in blogging, or lost my affection for this particular blog ... I just realized I had to re-evaluate my priorities.

Initially, I started this blog to hone my writing skills and get a sense of the ebb and flow of feedback from my readers. My understanding was limited and I wanted to wet my toes first before I jumped in.

I enjoyed writing. To be honest I wished I could develop more of a rapport with more people ... but I was going through a rather self-indulgent phase and figured I was okay with things as they were.

In retrospect, I now realize I probably alienated many potential readers because the majority of my posts were moaning about something that wasn't to my liking.

Like I said ... totally self-indulgent!

I've now come to realize that people respond to me being me. Being real! Genuine! And that when who "me" is is naturally calm, relaxed and upbeat, people instinctively respond by engaging with me.


Hey, I'm an only child and it takes me years, decades sometimes, to figure out social skills.

Anyway ... the long and the short of it is that I am going to use this particular blog as a forum for random musings. A way to express myself without being conscious of always offering value.

I'm hoping that when I relax and stop consciously trying to be clever, or titillating, or whatever ... that the real me will emerge and that people may actually like that person.

After all, I do!

Took me a while, but yeah, I have come to the realization that I actually do like the person I have become (am becoming).

In fact, I have made so much progress in my own mind since I last honored this page of mine with my thoughts ... that I actually thought I was becoming a bit strange.

Even more strange than usual.

Why, you might ask?

Well, I was undergoing a personal transformation. I was taking definitive steps to figure out who I really was (yes, it still happens when you are middle-aged). I had worked out that the raw food lifestyle really was incredibly important to me. I had committed to consuming a predominantly raw, plant-based diet. And I had even committed to a intensive training program that would give me the confidence and skills to be an effective raw food coach.

What really threw me though, was that I started making such radical shifts in mindset that I entered a period of significant emotional turbulence.

Of course, I should have figured out that was what was happening ... this was not entirely new for me. The personal transformation that occurs when you upgrade to a more conscious way of living always throws us into turmoil because we start to have the energy to actually feel things again!

I guess when it's so close to home, one forgets that we are people too.

And that the learning curve never stops ... and sometimes, no matter how sophisticated you may feel you are, you are little different from someone just starting out.

Anyway, I've rambled on long enough!

My new web presence launches soon. It will be awesome. It's the product of more than a year of soul-searching (plus all the years before). It's something I'm incredibly proud of. And excited about! And I know that it will change lives. I am finally so clear and so at peace with that.

It's no longer about me.

I'm toying with the idea of keeping this blog as a low profile venture, giving people who inadvertently discover it a way to transform their own lives.

I will blog again in the next week and reveal the actual URL of my new web presence ... and it is my fervent hope that anyone who comes across this makes the time to visit and immerse themselves.

Because what I have created is really something special and I am so looking forward to sharing it with like-minded individuals who really want to re-ignite their passion for being alive and healthy.

It is entirely realistic to reclaim your health and live the life of your dreams.

All I need to ask you is "Do you love yourself enough to heal?".

So, please, watch this space and start to think what your world could be like if you could discover a means to fall in love with your life again and leverage the power of the raw secret.

Hope I've piqued your curiosity!

Take care, I'll talk to you soon.

Stay fresh!